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Crypto Adoption Soars in Argentina Amid 276% Inflation

Argentina tops the list for cryptocurrency adoption in the western hemisphere, with an annualized inflation rate of 276%. For example, Forbes reported that out of 130 million visitors to the top 55 crypto exchanges, 2.5 million are from Argentina. Notably, Argentina is responsible for 6.9% of all website traffic on Binance. However, as the global meme-coin wave surges, Argentines prefer safe stablecoins like Tether (USDT). The positive attitude of Argentina towards cryptocurrencies has not provided an adequate regulatory framework. Milei’s government had backed using Bitcoin for contracts until late in 2023, and by April 2024, even crypto firms have had to register with the national securities regulator known as CNV. Major exchanges, like Binance, have not fully been registered under such conditions. Maximiliano Hinz from Bitget said how there were no licensing requirements from Latin America. Cointelegraph reached out for comment to the CNV but received no response.

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