London Executive Drive

A1: The first 60 minutes of waiting at the airport complement the flight landing time. Any additional waiting time will incur a charge of £40 per hour.

A2: For non-airport/regular address pickups, the first 15 minutes of waiting time is complimentary. However, any additional waiting time will be chargeable at £40 per hour.

A3: London Executive Drive has a fixed miles-per-hour rate for hourly bookings. Any extra miles outside the hourly rate will be added as extras and calculated based on the hourly booking price of the agreed pickup location, including the vehicle category rate (including VAT).

A5: Invoices are sent to customers after their journey is finished, but only if no extras are added. It includes a review form that can be emailed or via social media. For journeys with added extras, the invoice and review form will be shipped within 24-48 hours after completion.

A6: Charges incurred due to different currencies or local accounts are the user's responsibility. Customers may be required to show credit cards with ID if suspicious activity is suspected.

A7: London Executive Drive may cancel a booking due to sudden emergencies for the driver, vehicle unavailability, or extreme weather conditions. In such cases, a full refund will be issued.

A8: If a passenger cancels the booking within 24 hours, no refund will be issued.

A: A full refund will be provided if a passenger cancels a booking 24 hours in advance.

A: Cancellations can be made through phone, email, or the London Executive Drive website.

A: Yes, changes to a booking, such as a change of destination, can be made during a ride. The requested change will be sent for review, and London Executive Drive will charge extra miles accordingly.

A: Customers intending to bring animals on board must obtain permission from London Executive Drive and partners before booking. Guide dogs will not be refused, but for other pets, customers should inform London Executive Drive before booking to confirm the journey with the driver and ensure vehicle availability.

A: The luggage and seating capacity of vehicles are clearly stated on the website. Extra luggage will be charged additionally, contingent on space availability. London Executive Drive reserves the right to refuse any luggage not agreed upon, or that does not fit in the vehicle. Similarly, the vehicle's seating capacity is crucial; passengers not agreed upon during booking may be refused if space becomes minimal and safety conditions are compromised. Customers can upgrade to a larger vehicle for extra luggage, with an additional charge based on the chosen vehicle.

A: In extreme weather, traffic delays, road blockages, or GPS errors, where the chauffeur has no control, London Executive Drive bears no responsibility. Financial losses incurred due to these delays, such as missing meetings, hotel bookings, or flights, are not the responsibility of London Executive Drive, and no compensation is provided.

A: A passenger is considered a "no-show" if they cannot be contacted through a call, SMS, or email. A 90-minute window is given for airport pickups, and for non-airport pickups, a 30-minute window is allowed. If the customer is a no-show within these timeframes, the chauffeur will be released with a full charge of the booking cost.

(A) Transfer Services: no-show is determined if the customer is absent without cancellation 30 minutes past the booked pickup time. In such cases, a full charge for the booked service must be paid, with no extra waiting time costs where possible.

(B) Hourly Services Less Than 1 Hour: If the customer does not show up during the booked hours at the agreed pickup time and location, it is considered a no-show. The chauffeur will wait for 1 hour, and if the customer still doesn't show up, the booked service must be paid for in full. The same no-show conditions apply after the agreed pickup time and location for airport and train station pickups. The customer's booked service must be paid in full, and no extra waiting time costs will be used where possible.

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