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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Continued use of our website by the user agrees to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions unless objectified. Further usage of London Executive Drive services is solely accepted by the user.


If London Executive Drive feels that a booking cannot be made, which can include a sudden emergency for the driver, unavailability of the vehicle, or extreme weather conditions,Bookings may be cancelled along with a full refund.

Cases when cancelled by client:

1.Booking Cancelled By the passenger Within 24 Hours Will Subject No Refund.

2.Booking Cancelled By the passenger Over 24 Hours Will Subject Full Refund.

Cancellations can be made via phone, Email, or using London Executive Drive website.
Changes to booking Changes can be made

During a ride for a change of destination. This will be sent
over for review, and London Executive Drive will charge the extra Miles accordingly.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption is not allowed in our vehicles. Prior permission is required for
alcohol in the car. The Customer is liable to pay for any damages caused as a result of any spilling on the seats or other vehicle surfaces. Under no circumstances are any drugs permitted. Our Chauffeur has the right to remove any passenger under the influence of drugs. Additionally, there will be no
refunds, and the customer will bear all responsibility for the full trip. All of our chauffeur services are pre-booked, which means that the vehicle may have another job waiting after the existing trip. If more time is required for hourly bookings, it is at the chauffeur’s discretion. Additional hours should be scheduled in advance to prevent any inconvenience.

Immigration Delays at Airport 

London Executive Drive not responsible for Immigration/luggage delays and if any waiting time caused due to these matters will be chargeable mentioned accordingly waiting time policy.

Contract of Service and changes to offers

All conditions of the contract apply to arranged services provided by London Executive Drive.

1.Subsequent to the booking and start of the service, additional fees may occur, such as extra hours, additional stops, extra miles, Waiting time, car parking, and address changes according to the latest price structure.
2. All hourly bookings must end in the same city as the start of the service. Should
it end in a different city, an additional charge may apply.
3.Users can choose between our different types of class vehicles such as Executive Car, People Carrier, and Luxury Class. Users can choose vehicles from our Vehicles page on the London Executive Drive homepage. Images shown on our Vehicle page are in place to demonstrate the class of vehicles we provide.
Given the opportunity, the user may choose to upgrade to a higher-class vehicle. Upon the availability of vehicles, the Class upgrade is Chargeable. You can call London Executive Drive anytime to discuss the concerned matter.
4.vehicle booking, we would require a minimum of 4 hours notice period.
5.For bookings outside London but within the UK – it must be at least 6-hours notice period.
6.When booking for children, child seats must be requested in the comments section, including the age of the children and the type of seat needed.

Payments and Premiums:

(a) Waiting times At Airports Policy

First 60 Minutes is Free Complimentary Waiting Time From Flight land time at the Airport. Any Additional Waiting Time Will be Chargeable at the@ £40 Per Hour.

(b) Waiting Time Policy For Normal Address Pickup

Non Airport/ Normal Address Pickup Free Complimentary Waiting is First 15 Minute is Free Of Charge. But Any Additional Waiting Time will be chargeable @ £40 Per Hour.

(C) Additional Distance for Hourly Booking

London Executive Drive  have a fixed Miles-per-hour rate, and any extra Miles outside of the hourly rate will be added as extras and calculated by the hourly
booking price of the area of the agreed pick-up location and also includes the vehicle
category rate (including VAT).

(D) Terms of Payment and Transaction Fees

The Customer can pay using all major credit cards. Payment will be taken instantly as the booking is complete and any extras added along the user’s journey will be debited 24-48 hours after the trip is over.

(E) Invoice

Invoices are sent to the user as soon as their journey is finished (only if no extras are
added), including a review form that they can send back to us in email form or through our social media pages. Journeys, where the Customer has added extras,
the invoice, and the review form, will be sent within 24-48 hours after journey completion.

(F) Payments by Credit Card

Charges incurred due to different currencies or different local accounts are carried by the User customers are liable to show credit cards with ID if London Executive Drive suspects anything

Conveyance of Animals

If the Customer wants to bring animals on board, they must take prior permission before booking to make sure with the London Executive Drive and partners if they are willing to accept such a case. Guide dogs will not be refused. If the Customer Travelling With pets Should inform prior to booking to  London Executive Drive will Confirm the Journey with Driver and vehicles Availability .

Policy on passengers and luggage

The luggage capacity is shown on all of our Vehicle illustrations, as well as the seating capacity. While making a booking on the London Executive Drive website, any Extra luggage will be charged additionally subject to the availability of the space. London Executive Drive has the right to refuse any luggage which was not agreed upon or may not fit in the vehicle boot or safety conditions are compromised.
In the same way, the seating capacity of the vehicle is also shown; any passenger not agreed upon during the booking may be refused if space becomes minimal and
safety conditions are compromised.If Customer Want to upgrade the car For Extra Luggage then Additional payment will be chargeable with respect to Chosen Vehicles.


In extreme weather conditions and certain unavoidable situations, traffic delays that the chauffeur has no control over, or any such situation where the delay is inevitable, London Executive Drive Chauffeurs bears no responsibility. In the event of an unexpected Traffic delay, Road blockage, GPS Navigation error, or such incidents that might cause financial loss like missing important meetings, hotel
bookings, missing a flight, or connecting flights for the customer; London Executive Drive does not have control over these factors so we do not take any responsibility or pay compensation.

Passenger no-show policy

No show means the passenger is not contactable through call/SMS/email. “No show” means a cancellation of the Customer’s service for the booked periods .when the Customer does not show up at the pickup location. This rule may be ignored if a later pickup time is agreed upon by the Customer and notified to London Executive Drive.
For airport pickups 90 minutes .For non-airport pickups 30 minutes.The chauffeur will be released with a full charge of the booking cost if the passenger’s a no-show.

No show cancellations in case of

(a) Transfer Services

A No Show is only considered if the Customer is not present without cancellation 30 minutes past booked pickup time at the pickup location. No shows such as this will mean a full charge of the Customer’s booked service must be paid for. No extra waiting time costs will apply where possible. Airport and train station pickups are considered no shows when the Customer has not cancelled 60 minutes prior to the pickup time. Customers booked service must be paid for in full in this situation; however, no extra waiting time costs will apply where possible.

(b) Hourly Services less than 1 hour

A no-show is considered if the Customer does not show up at all during the booked
hours at the agreed pickup time and location. The service for the booking must be paid in full in this situation. The Chauffeur will wait 1 hour irrespective of the number of hours booked and then leave, considering it a no-show. Airport and train station pickups are considered no shows when the Customer has not shown up for the booked hours after the agreed pickup time and location. The Customer’s booked service must be paid for in full, no extra waiting time costs will apply where possible.

Behavior in the vehicle

All passengers must abide by the following standard rules and laws when users are
traveling with London Executive Drive Fleet: London Executive Drive always ensures a safe ride for all passengers (including young children and pets).
● Doors must remain closed while the vehicle is moving.
● Users must not throw objects from the vehicle.
● Users must not stick body parts out of the vehicle.
● Users must not shout from the vehicle.
● Users must not smoke within the vehicle.
● Devices provided by the London Executive Drive may be used by users after short
instructions from London Executive Drive Chauffeur.
● If the distance or number of hours is less than originally booked, once the
passenger is on board and directs this change, the price remains unaffected.
Any physical or verbal abuse, threat, sexual and other harassment by or towards.
London Executive Drive staff will not be tolerated, and severe action will be taken. Any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behavior poses a threat to the driver, the vehicle, or other passengers may be refused

Lost Property

Any items lost within the vehicles will be returned to the Lost and Found department, which can be retrieved by either calling your driver or the office number. The cost incurred to deliver the items will be paid by the Customer like transportation cost, Courier, etc. However, we do not charge for the storage facility of the items. No responsibility for any loss or damage to any luggage or property carried in or on the car unless the loss or damage is a result of negligence by London Executive Drive
Chauffeur. Customer’s properties are carried entirely at their own risk and LED shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss/damage to such property.


In the event of a complaint about the company’s services, the Client Can Drop Email With Full Description Related Concern.

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